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huuuh, robust oooooooooh hard kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

huuuh, robust oooooooooh hard kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk





1. Born Free - M.I.A
2. Move - LCD Soundsytem
3. Empire - Kasabian
4. Lust of Life - Iggy Pop
5. Radioactive - Imagine Dragons
6. Where Is My Mind - Pixies


#23 - SEIS MÚSICAS PARA IR PARA AS RUAS by Seismusicas on Mixcloud


Its Sunday, why not sight see?


Its Sunday, why not sight see?


(lol here!)

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To anyone who’s reading this.

I’m a brazilian teenager and I really want to communicate to everybody what’s happening in my country right now: Youth has rebelled.

Everything started when the bus ticket fares have increased from R$ 2,75 to R$ 2,95 (But is being planned an increase to R$3,20). After the increase, protests started , specially in São Paulo then spread to Rio de Janeiro, Brasília ( the federal capital and seat of government)    and the tendency is to protests spread to more states.

But why are we protesting over 20 cents? It’s not about 20 cents… the reason is more deep. People are sick and tired with the goverment neglect! The goverment is hidding, “applying make up” on Brazil’s true problems. While loads of money (our money) are being spent with overpriced public works (because of the World Cup and the Olympic Games) education is bad, the public  hospitals are inefficient, politicians are corrupt, legislation is flawed (some who commit crimes aren’t punished,specially the rich politicians), violence is getting worse, the taxes are high, life cost is expensive and infrastructure is not good. In summary, our money is being spent without results.

Everything seems like a bad joke. The year of 2013 is being emblematic.This is the year when we’ve watched violence increase, people being burnt alive, women being raped inside the bus, people killed because of a cellphone , the new president of the human rights committee  (Marcos Feliciano,wich is homophobic and expresses his anti human rights opinions widely) showing up and absurd law projects coming up ( like the “Nascituro”).

Now we are shouting what we haven’t for many years, we’ve let problems grow too much. It’s time to be heard and how the police and media treats us? Like criminals! It’s true there were vandalism during protests but the vandals are minority! Many times peaceful protesters were beaten, treated with violence.

 State governments are using and abusing the most violent police actions to suppress the demonstrations. The police are treating protesters as criminals, attacking, arresting. Many are “hunted” after the demonstrations. They’re trying to criminalize people’s right to speak!

We are Brazilians. These protesters are also fighting for our rights. We must join this fight. As a student and part of youth I want to help, I want to protest but for now I’m writing this text as an attempt to alert anyone who’s reading. Usually, I never speak my mind on tumblr but this time I hope I can alert people about the injustice which brazilians suffered.

I would like to ask people around the world to solidarize with the protesters , hope for the police to stop the unfair violence and also to be aware about what’s happening here.

Thanks for the attention! 

This video shows more pictures about what’s happening : 

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#OGiganteAcordou #IssoÉSóOComeço #VamosLáBrasil 

#PraCimaDelesBrasil #SemDorSemGanho 


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